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I am a product and industrial designer from Bulgaria. In 2010 I moved to Madrid to study Product design at Istituto Europeo di Design. During my time there I developed a deep appreciation for tradition, culture and craftsmanship, which I try to implicate in my design work. Studying and living in Spain for 6 years was a great experience both professionally and personally. It gave me the opportunity to work and develop projects from a variety of fields such as product, social, service and urban design. I worked on projects with multicultural teams, and in the same time developed personal works.

In 2016 I moved to London to complete a Masters in Industrial design at Central Saint Martins University. This experience allowed me to broaden my perspective on design, learn new research and development techniques and gain confidence in approaching bigger and more complex issues from the social, environmental and political domains. I am expected to graduate in July 2018.

In my design work I question and analyse the relationship between a person and his environment through the human psychology. My aim is to create functional and aesthetic products that endure through time. I am also very interested in the environmental changes that affect our planet and finding a way to both protect the planet and live a healthier life.

Although product design is my chosen profession, my hobbies revolve around arts and crafts, working with my hands. I like to spend time learning new techniques and experimenting with materials. Some of my free time activities include jewellery design and making, pattern design, stamp carving and block printing, and paper origami.