IED Project 2012

Dandelion is a new concept for a park, with the intention to increase the interaction and the spontaneous acquaintances between people.

It is a night park, designed specifically for people between 25 and 50 years of age, who need a place to meet with friends, enjoy the outdoors, relax and make new acquaintances. The name of the park is Dandelion, because the shape of the plant reminds the graphics of social networks. The meeting zone of the park has the shape of a dandelion. It includes 9 bubbles and an open space. The open space invites people to make new acquaintances by its proximity to the ground and the easy access to a zone with tables and benches. The bubbles are more private areas, designed for groups of people. They are divided in 3 sizes depending on the number of people that may enter: 6, 4 or 2 people. The smallest bubbles are more private, which is why they are situated farthest away from the center (the open space). The bubbles and the central area are connected through illuminated bridges, designed accordingly to the accessibility laws. The concept of the park is to invite people to be outdoors, to observe the sky, the stars and the moon while having fun with their friends or making new ones, and meanwhile are protected from weather changes.