Exhibition “11+2”, IED Madrid

June 2013

GEO is part of the project “11+2”, executed during the spring of 2013, where 11 chairs and 2 stools were produced and exhibited. The project consisted in 3 separate parts led by different professors. The architect Pedro Feduchi guided the concept and the design, the technical development was directed by the architect Fernando Ochoa, and the Mecedorama design studio conducted the production of the prototype.

The GEO chair (from “geometry”) is inspired by the complex geometrical structures existing in nature, which result from a combination of simpler forms (e.g. spider web, honey-comb, etc.). Several shapes take part in the composition of GEO – a circle, a polygon and various triangles. Their role is to provide the oval chair with its great volume. Despite being made of iron bars, the structure looks very light and airy. The overall appearance is completed by the hanging seat made of fabric and stuffing. The ergonomic design of the seat not only accounts for its comfort, but also ensures a pleasant feeling, comparable to that of laying in a hammock.