Eat, play, share

Final Project for Bachelor Degree in Product Design 2014 Won 3rd place at the Nyova Design Competition, February 2015

Orikomi is a set of tableware, introducing a new way of eating, which overgrows the table and makes people come closer to one another. The plates are designed for eating with the hands and are inspired by the Indian and African cultures. According to them, the sensors on top of the fingers provide information to the brain, thus strengthening the sensation of the food even before tasting it. Eating with hands brings us closer to the food and helps us feed ourselves in a much healthier way: by taking smaller portions with our fingers or carrying the bowl to our mouth we pay more attention to the food and spend more time in this shared food place. The shapes are inspired by the Japanese origami art, which enables the change of a single plate from a bowl to a plain plate with a single gesture of the user. The product is available for purchase at