Designed for Japan Tobacco International

Special mention and exposition at the Triennale Museum, Milan, 2013

Smoketionary (word composed of “smoke” and “dictionary”) is a small dictionary of usage connected with the world of tobacco. It contains thirty words that define the types of smoking, common practices and places in the city of Madrid where it is permitted to smoke. After each definition Smoketionary briefly explains where this word could be located in Madrid, so this dictionary also becomes a guide with which to explore a different side of the city. For example, the word smoffee (from Eng. “smoke” and “coffee”) is defined as coffee that is accompanied by a cigarette, or the action or habit of using tobacco and coffee simultaneously. Its definition is accompanied by a selection of the best five places in Madrid according to the authors in which you can freely carry out such an action.

To optimize the search of these places Smoketionary features a foldout map and a phone application.